Our Trusted Vendor and Friends Network

We at Ooo La La are proud to collaborate with an amazing network of talented bakers and patisseries that uphold the same standards of quality and creativity that we do. Each vendor brings something unique to the table, and we’re excited to share them with you:

Mama Girl Baking

Specializing in Custom Creations: Mama Girl Baking takes the art of cake-making to the next level. Renowned for their custom cakes that cater to all occasions, whether it’s wedding cakes, designer pieces, or that perfect birthday cake for your special someone. With each cake being a unique work of art, remember to place your orders in advance to experience their exquisite premium cakes.

MMG Patisserie

Masters of European Desserts: MMG Patisserie is the go-to for those who crave the rich flavors of traditional European desserts. They are celebrated for their Medovik honey cakes and choux au craquelin, perfect for a casual yet decadent dessert experience. Best of all, they offer cake delivery services, ensuring that your sweet cravings are met with convenience and ease.

De Luscious

Innovators of Indulgence: For those looking to add a little spirited fun to their events, De Luscious specializes in one-of-a-kind cocktail-inspired alcoholic cakes. Each alcohol cake is infused with the vibrant flavors of your favorite cocktails, making for an unforgettable treat that’s sure to be a conversation starter.